Six Different Types of Clients for London Escorts

London escort

Have you ever tried a nice London escort ? How has your experience been? What kind of a client were you?

We are sure about your experience with the escorts in this beautiful place, since all of them are quite beautiful and excellently charming towards their work. The best part about a London escort is that she does not take it as a lame job; for her, it is her profession and she knows that she can please her clients in the most magical manner.

Have you ever wondered what kind of a client you have been or are for the escorts in London? Here are the six types of clients that most of them meet:

  • Those, who are interested in the ‘new girls’ always and hence don’t take a particular escort, repeatedly: This may sound strange to you, but it is true; most of the men don’t look for the same escort over and over again. They tend to lose interest after having sex with a particular woman and hence, they quickly change their attention to the other women in the list. Such men prefer not to get overly attached to the women they pay to sleep with.
  • Those, who are quite satisfied and happy with the pleasing actions of a particular escort and hence hire her over and over again: When a client is happy with a particular London escort, he doesn’t go to anyone else, but her. The reason is simple – some men get attached to a few escorts and hence, opening up with different women becomes difficult for them.
  • The kind, loving and gentle ones: There can be nothing better than being a kind, caring and gentle client for a beautiful escort. However, this again depends upon the way the woman treats the individual. If the escort gives enough time, dedication, love and pleasure to the client, he doesn’t leave her side ever and is always kind towards her profession.
  • The rough, rude and up to the point ones: There are some clients that are totally rude towards the escorts; for such people, the women are nothing, but sex objects. This may be fun for the clients, but the escorts are not able to do their best for such individuals.
  • The ones that like domination: Some men like dominating their escorts in bed; to your surprise, there are some men that visit escorts just for the sake of dominating them in bed and enjoying the pleasure out of the same. Since the partners of such men do not give them such pleasures, they seek it from someone else.
  • The ones that like to be dominated: While some men like to dominate their escorts in bed, there are others that like being dominated. However, there are only a handful of women, who know the art of BDSM and luckily, if the London escort you have hired is experienced, she would please you in all the ways you wish to be pleased.

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