Frequently Asked Questions

NO, NO & NO! We respect the Angels privacy and you should too! The reason they are featured
on our site is because they enjoy the anonymity that our Agency offers to them. You would not
want them calling you at your home or office and you should respect their private lives too!
Pestering Angels will result in you being banned from the Agency.

We appreciate that you lead busy lives and plans often need to change however if you have to
cancel a booking please have the courtesy to call and notify us so that we can let the Angel
know and hopefully reschedule someone else to see them. If you fail to turn up to a booking
(without having the courtesy to call to cancel!) you will be classed as a “no show” and you
will be banned from booking through the agency again in the future.

Yes. all our Angels who enjoy seeing couples do charge an additional cost of £100. If however
you are a M/M couple an additional charge will be made and you should advise Reception at the
time of booking.

Our Angels are happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad however travel charges and minimum booking times will be applicable. For bookings to Heathrow airport (and most “0208” dialling code areas of Greater London) the angels require a minimum 2 hour booking
(and a £50 travel surcharge). For bookings to Gatwick airport a 3 hour minimum booking
(and £100 travel surcharge) is required. For bookings outside the M25 a minimum overnight
booking is required along with the relevant travel costs. For bookings to Paris
(and most of Europe) the Angels require a minimum overnight booking (although as travel flight
times are including in foreign bookings) we usually suggest a minimum “extended overnight” of
18 hours. For bookings to the Middle East & USA a minimum 3 day booking is required. For
bookings to Asia a minimum 5 day booking is required.The following Central London postcodes are covered for 1 hour outcall bookings : SW1, SW3, SW5,
SW7, W1, W2, WC1. All other Central London postcodes will incur a longer minimum booking
duration and/or travel surcharges.

If your overnight starts AFTER 8pm the duration is 12 hours. If your overnight is a
“daytime overnight” or “early overnight” and starts BEFORE 8pm the duration is 10 hours.

No. The minimum booking time is 1 hour. You are of course welcome to leave after 30 minutes but you will be charged for 1 hour.

All of our Angels are based in smart apartments or hotels where you will be more than welcome
to use their showers. Towels and toiletries will always be available for you. You will get so
much more pleasure from a booking if you arrive clean (or arrive and use a shower!) as the
Angels biggest turn off are dirty, sweaty or smelly clients!

Assuming you are polite enough to call our reception team PRIOR to the start of your booking
(giving as much notice as possible of your cancellation) no charges will apply.

None of the Angels expect tips and “extras” are never charged. If you wish to take along a
gift, a bottle of wine or perfume is a great alternative.

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards or cheques. You will need to pay the Angels in
£cash on arrival. If you wish to pay in euros or US$ the rates are shown on the Angels bio
pages. (our rates are not very competitive and allow for currency fluctuations so you are
better off paying in GBP £.

No. All bookings must be made verbally over the phone with our reception team.

If it’s an incall booking we will require your first name and a mobile contact number so we can SMS you the angels address. If it’s an outcall booking we will require your first and surname
along with your hotel details or if it’s to your home address, your landline phone number.

We ask clients to call us the morning of the booking (between 10am and noon) to confirm the
booking. At this point you can advise reception of any special dress requests you might have
and they will SMS you the angels address at this time.

We usually recommend up to 7 days in advance (as our 7 day scheduler on the home gives you the
Angels availability for the week ahead) Some of our most popular angels do get booked up weeks
beforehand so if you know your schedule in advance its always good to call and see if your
preferred angel has given us her advanced schedule. Saying that 80% of our bookings are made on
the day of the booking so last minute calls are always welcome too.

All our Angels enjoy OWO and DFK. Many of them also enjoy CIM and A and there is a search list
which can be found on the bottom right of the home page. If you want to get a clearer idea
about Angels likes and dislikes check out their reviews which can be found on their individual
bio pages.

YES! All reviews that are found on our Angels site have been posted directly by clients onto
the Angels bio page (via the review submission form) or onto 3rd party review sites
(such as punternet or TER) and then copied onto the Angels bio pages.

As hard as some of you may find this to believe (as I know so many agencies use fake pictures!)
YES ALL PHOTOS are 100% real and genuine and we guarantee you, that the girl in the photo will
be the actual girl you will meet! All photos are taken at Velvet Park Studios in Chelsea by
Michael our approved photographer. Most Angels replace their photos once a year (albeit many
of them love new reinventing their look with new photographs and often replace them every 6 months)